Joint of Interest

Review a journal article and then take the quiz.

Listen to a podcast interview with various experts.

Assessment technique videos of the latest special tests.


How to write a journal publication with topic ideas.

How to conduct a peer review with downloadable forms.

How to take an inservice training with topic ideas.

How to write a case study. Upload your case study for expert review and discussion.

Journal Club

Take an in-depth look at research surrounding a clinical problem and discuss it online with other members and experts.

Review previous journal clubs and discussions.


My Place

Your CPD hours will be saved automatically under the categories required by the NZ Physiotherapy Board.

Keep your own notes and reflective statements in an easily editable format.

Save yourself hours of paperwork and record keeping with the printable audit logbook.


Preview movie showcasing PhysioScholar.  Take a look at what the site has to offer before you sign up.


Free CPD activities:

 Thoracic outlet syndrome revision

 Preventing falls in amputees

 Focus on ethics: Values exchange website
 Osteitis Pubis revision
 Cervical Stinger