Decision making for rehabilitation of lower limb injuries: are impairments important?: Dr Gisela Sole with the NZMPA

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Decision making for rehabilitation of lower limb injuries: are impairments important?

Dr Gisela Sole, BSc(Physio), MSc(Med)Exercise Science, PhD, NZCP

Various decisions need to be made during the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries, such as progression of treatment, exercises, and return to activity, occupation and sports. In the early phases of rehabilitation, these decisions are likely to be based on assessment of impairments, such as range of motion and muscle strength, besides presence of pain, swelling or other symptoms. However, for the final rehabilitation and return to activity, reliance is often made on the Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS), which is based on patient self-report. As ACC places emphasis on the PSFS score for discharging the patient or when applying for further treatment cover, it appears that less value is placed on objective assessment of impairments, such as minimal loss of range of motion, flexibility, strength and functional ability.

This webinar will explore the significance of impairment and functional outcomes testing for selected lower limb injuries, such as of the ACL and hamstrings, and their implications for progressing management, immediate return to activity and long term outcomes.   

Presenter’s background: Gisela is a musculoskeletal/sports physiotherapist and senior lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago. She has extensive clinical and academic experience, and is currently leading research into outcomes of hamstrings and ACL injuries.

This webinar will be live December 1st, at 8pm. It is not recorded, and no refund will be given if you do not attend.
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Abstracts for papers discussed in the webinar are available below:

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