Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain in Primary Care: Dr Angela Cadogan

Shoulder pain is a common and disabling complaint with two-thirds of the population experiencing an episode of shoulder pain at some time during their life. Recovery from shoulder pain is also slow, and it is often recurrent. In 2011, the cost of shoulder pain to the ACC was $106 million representing a significant economic and resource burden on the health care system. The diagnosis of shoulder pain presents a significant challenge to the primary health care practitioner. Previously, all information regarding the diagnostic accuracy of clinical tests was taken from specialist orthopaedic or surgical populations. It is well known that differences in prevalence and severity of shoulder conditions alters the diagnostic accuracy of clinical tests, meaning the accuracy of clinical test results from specialist and surgical populations cannot be generalised to primary care populations. My PhD research aimed to identify the clinical examination features that are most accurate for identifying the source of shoulder pain  in a large primary care population.

This webinar will provide a brief overview of the methodology, and will then discuss main findings of this research in more depth. The strongest clinical predictors, including history and physical examination features, will be presented for pain arising from the subacromial region, the acromioclavicular joint and the glenohumeral joint. Specific themes that will be discussed include the importance of negative clinical test findings, whether isolated tests or combinations of tests are more accurate, the place of orthopaedic/special tests in the diagnosis of shoulder pain and the value of imaging in the diagnosis of shoulder pain.

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