Exoskeletons for work – effectivity, usability and acceptance with Frank Krause

The Webinar
Exoskeletons are hot. Industry is very interested and would rather have them yesterday than today. So what is the state of the art of industrial exoskeletons, which ones can we have today and for which will we have to wait until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow... and why is that? How effective are they and will workers want to wear them? These are the topics I will cover, largely based on our own involvement in exoskeleton design and research.

Frank Krause

My name is Frank Krause and I have a background in Physical Education and Human Movement Sciences. I've been working in ergonomics for 25 years, of which 20 at TNO in the Netherlands (https://www.tno.nl/en/about-tno/organisation/). At TNO we have about 60 people researching work and employment.
Over the years I've done many different types of projects in consultancy and research, ranging from office ergonomics, MSD's in a horseshoe factory, comfortable crane cabins, design of order picking workstations to help the Dutch Judiciary with their digitization process. So there aren't a lot of workplaces I haven't seen and I can learn every day, which is why I love my work. Currently, most of the time I am involved in research on what you might call assistive technologies for workers: exoskeletons, collaborative robots and augmented reality for work instructions (see e.g. https://youtu.be/7YLvXSZhKVc).

This webinar was recorded on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 8 pm NZST

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