Injury Prevention & FIFA 11+ with Dr Mario Bizzini


Dr Mario Bizzini, PhD, MSc, PT (Switzerland) is a research associate at the Schulthess Clinic, a private orthopaedic and sports medicine center in Zurich. He works there for the FIFA Medical Research and Assessment Center (F-MARC), and the orthopaedic department (lower extremity). His research interests focus on hip and knee rehabilitation in sports, football injuries and sports injury prevention. He has at today 49 peer-reviewed publications, five books, and eight book chapters on these topics, and has lectured at many international congresses. He is a reviewer for various scientific journals, Senior Associate Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. He is also a specialist in sports physiotherapy (committee member of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy), a rehabilitation consultant for professional ice hockey and football teams, and has worked at three FIFA World Cups and at two Olympic Games.

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