Lumbopelvic Pain Strategies: Dr Annelies Pool (in association with NZMPA)

Dr Annelies Pool


Why do patients with lumbopelvic pain differ from each-other in how they cope with pain, change in mobility, motor control and sensomotoric incongruence?  What different compensation strategies can be present in this group of patients?

In a 1 hour webinar different strategies seen in patients with lumbopelvic pain will be discussed, based on current scientific literature and studies. Especially the role of intra abdominal pressure and the pelvic floor muscles will be discussed. The essence is how to grasp within your clinical reasoning what a patient is doing to gain control and what the consequences are for intervention. Being able to identify  individual compensation strategies will alter your assessment and intervention per patient


This webinar was live Friday May 15th, at 8pm. It was not recorded, and no refund will be given if you do not attend.


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