Professional boundaries between patients and physiotherapists: Dr Lynley Anderson

Dr Lynley Anderson from the University of Otago presents a webinar about the professional boundaries between patients and physiotherapists. This is a fascinating topic, as many of us work with people for extended periods of time and get to know them very well. Lynley's presentation will cover the following:

  • What to do about gifts? Is it appropriate/ethical to accept them?
  • What about friendships with patients? Is it appropriate to become friends with them?
  • Can you / should you treat family members?
  • What if you live in a small community and know everybody? Who should treat them? Are there exceptions.

Bring your questions. This promises to be a great discussion with plenty of time for questions afterwards?


This webinar will be on Monday September 7th at 8pm. It will not be recorded and no refund will be given if you do not attend.

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