Re-wiring support services in the performing arts by Greg Retter

The Royal Ballet 

Re-wiring support services in the performing arts by Greg Retter


Gregory Retter is Clinical Director of Ballet Healthcare at The Royal Ballet. He joined the Company in the newly created role of Clinical Director in 2013.

Before joining The Royal Ballet Retter was Rehabilitation Manager for the British Olympic Association’s Intensive Rehabilitation Unit for elite Olympic athletes. He has a long association with Team GB and has worked as a physiotherapist at five Summer and Winter Olympic Games, culminating in London 2012.


This webinar will present Greg's approach to accurate clinical diagnoses with comprehensive management of a dancer’s rehabilitation using the full team. He will discuss his role at The Royal Ballet overseeing and leading a healthcare team of 15 individuals across a wide range of disciplines, including sports science and physiotherapy, Pilates, gyrotonic, psychology, nutrition, soft tissue therapy, and sports medicine. 


This webinar was broadcast on Monday, October 1st, 2018 at 8 pm NZST

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