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Dr Angela Cadogan and colleagues present 'Specialisation of Physiotherapy in New Zealand: Pointers, process and the experience.


The Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand has developed a new specialist scope of practice, Physiotherapy Specialist, to recognise physiotherapists who are practising at an advanced level. Physiotherapy Specialists are expected to demonstrate advanced clinical skills and knowledge, and contribute to the profession through leadership and research. There are now 5 registered Physiotherapy Specialists in New Zealand, with more applications in progress. This webinar will give anyone interested in hearing more about Specialisation in New Zealand the opportunity to hear more about the application process and how the Physiotherapy Specialists are working in clinical roles within New Zealand. Representatives from the Physiotherapy Board will talk about the criteria, application processes and ongoing review of Specialist registration. One of the Physiotherapy Specialists (Angela Cadogan) will then talk about her experiences with application, her pathway to becoming a clinical specialist and the impact that specialisation has had on her practice.


This webinar will be on Monday April 4th at 8pm.

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