Telehealth for Physiotherapists

Telehealth for Physiotherapists
This is a recording of a webinar held in NZ on 24/3/2020 on Telehealth for Physiotherapists in response to the rapid need to prepare physiotherapists for the delivery of remote digital healthcare services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest speakers included Gloria Paterson (NZ), Amanda Hensman-Crook (UK) and Dr Lesley Holdsworth (Scotland). Content includes technology, professional standards, clinical issues, clinical governance and risk management.

The Telehealth Standard definition:
“Telehealth is the use of information and video conferencing technologies, to deliver health services and/or transmit health information to a patient when the clinician is in a different location.”

This means using available technology when you are not seeing your patient/ client face to face. This can be undertaken via telephone, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Teams, or via electronic record practice management system (e.g. Gensolve ).

It is preferable that platforms which have both audio and video capabilities are primarily used however we are aware in the current Alert level situation this is not always possible, and that phone may be the only option. The platform which you use for telehealth must still be one approved by any third-party insurer.

It is important to inform and record the appointment appropriately within your notes including consent gained to use telehealth.


Other Telehealth Resources
You will need to consider patient preference and how a remote consultation can be achieved. The ability to be able to use any one / two that cross over apple and android would be best…..or the ability to use all 4.