Telehealth for the Shoulder presented by Dr Margie Olds

The Webinar

Telehealth for the Shoulder presented by Dr Margie Olds​


With Covid-19 lock-down in Aotearoa/New Zealand, most physiotherapists are turning to some form of telehealth (online consultation/intervention) with their clients/patients.
Margie is a specialist shoulder physiotherapist and has been using telehealth to assess, consult and treat her clients/patients with current shoulder conditions throughout NZ.  
Margie wishes to share her experiences of telehealth with the physiotherapy community, exchange ideas and receive feedback on how others are finding this method of communication.



Margie Olds is a physiotherapist who specialises in shoulder injuries. She is passionate and fascinated by shoulder instability and the non-operative management of shoulder injuries.

Margie currently manages a clinical caseload at her shoulder clinic in Symonds St, Auckland.

Margie recently completed her PhD investigating the risk factors for recurrent shoulder instability following a first time traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation, and is busy publishing the papers from this research.

She is a founding member of PhysioScholar, and has also developed a Flawless Motion shoulder brace which is sold internationally (www.flawlessmotion.com). She is also involved in other shoulder research to examine the EMG of scapula muscles during clinical exercises, and a project which investigate the psychosocial factors in people with shoulder pain.


Pre-Webinar Links to Articles

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Towards an integrated clinical framework for patient with shoulder pain. Ristori et al., 2018

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This webinar has been completed - it was scheduled on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020, at 7 PM NZST

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