The history, development and future options for Universal Design over the next 10 years


“Universal Design is a key building block for an age-friendly and disability friendly community, but what exactly is universal design. Lifemark, a division of CCS Disability Action, was formed in New Zealand over 10 years ago to develop housing standards and promote universal design. Geoff Penrose, the General manager of Lifemark will discuss the history, development and future options for Universal Design, including expectations about what housing and commercial spaces should look like over the next 10 years.”

Geoff Penrose

Presenter: Geoff Penrose

Geoff Penrose is the General Manager of Lifemark, a commercial division of CCS Disability Action. Geoff has worked at Lifemark for 5 years and has worked across numerous sectors including being the CEO of Qualmark NZ, a tourism rating agency.  Geoff subscribes to the social model of disability where the focus is to remove the built environment barriers and therefore enable more people to have more independence, choice, and control over their lives. 

This webinar has ended - Jan 31, 2019, 8 PM